Zahira’s Battle with Eye Ailments: A Testament to Dr. Anil Singhal’s Euphrasia

Zahira, a young girl from the culturally rich city of Lucknow, was known for her radiant eyes. Her bright eyes, however, started to dim due to a growing discomfort. As she grew from a lively child to a young adult, she began to experience acute catarrhal affections, particularly affecting her eyes and nose.

Dr. Singhal’s Miracle: The Healing of Padmini with Dulcamara

The story unfolds in the mesmerizing city of Mysuru, in the southern part of India, known for its distinct climatic shifts between the seasons. Here, we meet a young girl named Padmini, whose life from a tender age is entwined with homeopathy and Dr. Anil Singhal MD, a renowned homeopathic doctor from Gurugram, near New Delhi.

Digitalis to the Rescue: Vinay’s Path to Recovery with Dr. Singhal

The story begins in the lively city of Pune, where a young boy named Vinay led an energetic and joyous childhood. Born into a loving family, Vinay’s disposition matched the spirit of the city – lively and high-spirited. However, in his teenage years, he started showing signs of extreme anxiety and low spirits, quite contrary to his previous demeanor.

The Single Remedy